California.Black is a new, bold & innovative
hacker iniciative to ensure our liberties

My Mission is to start the much needed public debate to establish a statewide California rapid hacker reaction force called California.Black.Our California.Black elite hacker force will be directed by a Secretary of Technology. By enacting appropriate legislation, Sacramento and California voters must decide soon on the establishment and funding of a statewide autonomous agency called Department.Technology. To guarantee independence, impartiality, fairness and justice, I propose the Department.Technology be directed by a statewide elected nonpartisan office called a Secretary of Technology.

I am not just your only Independent self-funded candidate for California governor in 2018, I am also the only gubernatorial candidate running and coding my own servers. I am proud to be your ethical hacker candidate for California governor. My fellow gubernatorial candidates are patriotic Californians like you and me, but they are coders or hackers, and for this reason I am the best qualified in today’s information based economy to be your next public servant as California Governor. I openly challenge my fellow gubernatorial candidates for a public debate on technology, hacking, cryptocurrency and more!

A Government of the People, by the People, for the People of California

If we fail to create an independent Department of Technology, we will all be impacted as a nation. Like the Cold War, a new Hot War now exist with no apparent geopolitical boundaries, precedents or laws. The Hot War is a deliberate attempt by traditional nation-state actors and untraditional non-nation-state actors to infiltrate, dominate and control our technology security at the local, state and national level. In a time of war, we must recognize, accept and practice that we are all Americans. United we stand, divided we will fall.


I have called the new Cold War, the Hot War because of the lighting speed of change in technology, literally (fiber opotics,AI, etc.), is impacting our livelihoods, academia, state, country and the world. We need to act now!


Our new agency named Department.Technology, will have an elite rapid reaction force called California.Black, composed of California hackers to successfully confront todays threats by being proactive and not reactive.


Like you, I love California. It's were I was born to cheerish our diversity, innovation and spirit that is uniquely California. We have to embrace Artificial Intelligence, IoT (Internet of Things), and Smart Cities iniciatives to remain the global technology leader.

California.Black is commited to ensuring, protecting and empowering Californians with 24/7 service.


The new statewide hacker rapid reaction force called California.Black will be proactive and not merely reactive to identity theft, informational and cryptocurrency warfare, and more.


California.Black hackers will specilialize in protecting our Internet integrity, health and security 24/7, 365 days a year. We value your hacker expertise, not your dress code, etiquette or manners.

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Interested in promoting, supporting and working for California.Black, let's talk. Our cities, schools, industries and state need you now more than ever.


I am your Independent self-funded candidate for Governor. I am committed to genuine government accountability, accessible transparency and empwering Californians with technology.

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